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Customs lawyer Jason Wapiennik is admitted to practice in Illinois and Michigan. Great Lakes Customs Law, as our name suggests, maintains offices in C

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Jakub’s legal practices focuses on family-based immigrant visas, fiancee visas, same sex marriage-based green cards, complex naturalization and citi

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Can you back out of an uncontested divorce?

I filed for an uncontested divorce a few months ago, which my husband agreed to. We both signed all the paperwork and just appeared in court for a divorce hearing. The judge told us he would be sending us a final divorce decree within thirty days. After the hearing, my husband and I both had bad feelings about following through with the divorce and want to try to reconcile. We have agreed to see a marriage counselor. Is there anything we can do now to back out of the uncontested divorce? We haven’t received the final decree yet. If we do receive it in the next few days, is there any way to withdraw it or appeal it if we both tell the court we no longer want a divorce?
Published on 03/08/21
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